Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today I Was the Mean Mommy (insert evil cackle here)

Yesterday's rain storms left us with a gorgeous day today.

My garden needing weeding, the carport needed organizing and well who doesn't want to spend some time at the pool. But were the adults in this family doing that today?


There we were pulling everything out of the car port so we could power wash the siding to remove the dirt encrusted spray of what looked like a case of soda. (I'm not sure it wasn't that much.)

Apparently, when you get a group of kids together and provide them with an ice tub full of soda it's really fun to shake them up and spray them at each other.

So we're pulling out trash cans, setting up the power washer (and fighting over who gets to use it) when I look inside and notice that all three of our boys are inside in the air conditioning sitting out the couch playing video games.

Oh no they weren't!!

All of the sudden I had a wonderful idea!

Boys come here please. Go get the bucket, a few scrub brushes and sponges and the dish soap and come out here please.

The boys were going to learn a lesson.

Oh cool! Yay bubbles! Can we wash the car next?

Yeah that lasted five minutes.

My arm hurts.

I'm doing all the work.

I've been scrubbing for 20 minutes and it won't come off.

You're a horrible mom.

Why yes my children. Yes I am. But my siding is clean and I'm thinking the next time you go to shake up a soda you might remember all the fun you had today.

6 Deserve Mamma's Love:

Deb Rox said...

You're so mean!

Way to go!

flutter said...

cheap labor is AWESOME! ;p

Liz@thisfullhouse said...

Yeah, I made the kids wash my car the other day. I wonder what they're serving in Mommy Hell for dinner?

Anonymous said...

I spent many a day repainting and washing. Good for ya.

Stimey said...

Does that mean that you didn't get to use the power washer? Because doesn't that mean you kind of punished yourself?

I have a picture in my head of you sitting in a lawn chair with a margarita watching your children scrub. Good times.

Anonymous said...