Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home on Fumes

I'm kinda hinky about religion. I'm trying to work on it, but this general outlook results in a habit of not making bargains with G*d.

I do, however, on occasion find the need to enter into small agreements with inanimate objects and small children and pets who have no possible way to understand the ramifications of the covenant I'm making with them.

When my adorable, little puppy ran into the middle of a flag football game being played by a dozen hot guys down on the Mall that day in my 20's, I promised then that I would forgive the future destruction of one item that she was sure to undertake.

When my youngest child behaved incredibly in the ER waiting room for hours on that visit when he was two? Well he doesn't know it yet, but he has one free pass on breaking curfew when he's a teenager.

I forgot to get gas before leaving for home tonight (what is it about the gauge that it always ends up in my blind spot?). I had to be home in twenty minutes. There was no time to stop and even to make it in that time I'd have to take the HOV lanes (there are no gas stations or exits on the HOV lanes).

The needle was on empty as I pulled out of the garage. The little orange light was on.

I really didn't want to run out of gas. I didn't want to stand in the cold. I didn't want to wait for AAA to bail me out. I DID NOT want to hear it from my husband.

So I made a bargain with the car.

She has more than 100,000 miles on her. I tend not to give her the respect she deserves. I often let my eyes stray to other cuter, younger cars.

But I made a bargain with her.

My little car got me home tonight. I wasn't late, and more importantly I didn't have to listen to my husband rant about my inability to pay attention to the gauge (or the clock).

So I will stick by my promise. Next time I'm tempted dismiss that little car, I'll remember she got me home on fumes.

11 Deserve Mamma's Love:

flutter said...

that's a good little car!

jane said...

Reminds me of my first car, Sophie, an old chrysler sigma.

She didn't always start first time, but whenever I really neaded her to she managed to get herself going.

She really musta loved me. ;)

Grim Reality Girl said...

I have learned that the light is simply an early indicator of attention needed... kind of like when the baby is rooting but not yet crying.... My hoopty is closing in on 150,000 miles and I tell her all the time how much I love her.... I love that YOU make the same bargains as I -- none with the Lord but many with myself!

Jane said...

My poor car. "Mud Splotch," I have named her. She will literally fall apart outwards with me sitting in the middle of a heap clutching the steering wheel. Until that day, she's my little Mud Splotch.

Liv said...

I love this place. My car, too. This morning...just down the road, just long enough not to be stuck without gas at Montessori, not in front of my kids...

i know.

moosh in indy. said...

I've promised my car to never speak ill of her as long as she never leaves me stranded. She can have problems but she can't ever leave me at the side of the road.
And I love her that she's honored this deal.

Momo Fali said...

My car has over 130,000 miles on it. I bargain with her a lot!

Paige Jennifer said...

Bargaining is always a good tool for success. Even with inanimate objects. Oh yeah, I've been there.

Ilina said...

Dude, I live my life on fumes. Literally and figuratively.

Ruth Dynamite said...

All we need are fumes, baby.

Anonymous said...

Always take care of the ones that take care of you.