Saturday, September 30, 2006

What Did You Call Me?!

The following is an excerpt from the conversation in the car this evening between Mr. J. who's 4, Little P who is 2 and myself (who 36).

Unidentifiable noise is produced from back seat.

Mr. J.: Hey Mom! Guess who's making that noise.

Me: I don't know. Who is it?

Strange noise happens again.

Mr. J.: It's someone whose name starts with P.

Me: Hmmm. Is it Little P.?

Mr. J: Nope. Guess again.

Strange noise continues.

Me: Is it Penelope (for the record there is no one by the name of Penelope in the car)?

Laughter erupts.

Mr. J.: Yes!! How did you know?

Mr. J: Hey Penelope! Stop making that noise.

Little P: ~belly laughs~

Mr. J.: Hey Penelope! You're Penelope!

Little P: ~belly laughs~

So my question is...will little P always respond to being called Penelope by his older brother with roars of laughter? Even when he's twelve, walking out to the pitcher's mound for the big game? Yeah, I didn't think so.

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